Nearly half of men would have sex with robots


This could be the end of sex as we know it.

And some women might soon be competing with technology for their men.

At least 40% of European men surveyed say they’re willing to put up cash to purchase a robotic lover that will endlessly put out.

Jessica Szczuka divulged her findings on Monday at the Love and Sex With Robots congress at London’s Goldsmiths University.

Szczuka, who hails from the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, reported nearly half of males interviewed claimed they could imagine using a sex robot within the next five years.

“Being in a relationship doesn’t mean sexual fulfillment,” Szczuka said, according to the UK’s Daily Star.

“Sex is a very important part of social interaction.”

Szczuka questioned close to 300 men of all ages and also discovered that relationship status had no bearing on the outcome.

She added that while humans will form “special” bonds, they’ll also enjoy electronic friends with benefits in the very near future.

Last year, a report called the Future of Sex claimed that human-robot coitus will overtake human-human intercourse by 2050.

Romance over the phone can be sealed with a kiss

The Kissenger app has sensors that measure different parts of the lips before the data is transmitted

Sometimes making “mwah” noises or texting lots of Xs isn’t enough. You want to give the person at the other end of the phone line a big old smooch.

Soon you may be able to. Researchers from London, Malaysia and Japan have created the “Kissenger”, which connects to your mobile phone and lets you physically lock lips from afar.

The device, which is named for kiss-messenger rather than after the US diplomat, connects to the bottom of your smartphone so that the rubber lip pad sits underneath the screen, where you can display a live video link of your loved one’s face.

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TYING THE BOT British law WILL bend to allow humans and robots to marry sooner than you think

‘TIL DEATH DO US PARTS First marriage to a robot will happen BEFORE 2050 by which time sexbots will be ‘more attractive than humans’

Shocking revelations question whether your other half could leave you for a sex robot that fulfils their every desires and is “enormously” more attractive than you

INTERNATIONAL TONSIL TENNIS Incredible virtual kissing device lets you snog people from around the world through your iPhone

Scientists unveil smooch simulator which mimics the feel of real kissing using hi-tech mouthpieces

You’ll soon be able to snog through your smartphone using this bizarre gadget

It is hoped it will also let you snog virtual characters and sex robots.

So if you’ve ever had a crush on Lara Croft, a virtual smooch could be on the cards in the very near future.

The incredible development was revealed at the second Love and Sex Robot conference at Goldsmith’s University on Monday.

Emma Yann Zhang, who is working on the development said: “We want to make a robotic head with silicon to make a fully kissable robot using the same technology as the mobile phone version.

“We’ll embed control sensors in the robot’s head instead.”

Incredible virtual kissing device lets you snog people from around the world through your iPhone