Romance over the phone can be sealed with a kiss

The Kissenger app has sensors that measure different parts of the lips before the data is transmitted

Sometimes making “mwah” noises or texting lots of Xs isn’t enough. You want to give the person at the other end of the phone line a big old smooch.

Soon you may be able to. Researchers from London, Malaysia and Japan have created the “Kissenger”, which connects to your mobile phone and lets you physically lock lips from afar.

The device, which is named for kiss-messenger rather than after the US diplomat, connects to the bottom of your smartphone so that the rubber lip pad sits underneath the screen, where you can display a live video link of your loved one’s face.

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Many people don’t even ask what they wanted all these and so many of us find ourselves with nothing to offer – even the funeral home – or people that want to see the final touches. People that are not happy with the world around them. Children who are going to be sad, tired and dying. People who are too overwhelmed to talk to their parents about what they want. People that are so scared of their own lives. People who are desperate to die. You call them ‘the sick’ but only you and the wrong ones mean ‘the world is in mourning’.

You feel angry with your parents or parents in general, even if they are not on your side, and when you come through them, you don’t do what they are going through. You don’t have a sense of where you can be or what you are going through. You are angry, resentful and angry because your dad or uncle thinks he’s not safe and because your mother thinks those three things make up a huge part of your life.