MXR Lab produces kids augmented reality for Okto Channel with Oak Three Films and Real Space

Witz Alive is a preschool show for children from 3 – 6 years old based on three characters, the tiger (TAMMY), the monkey (ITCHEE), and the bird (WINGZ). Augmented reality application, WITZ Alive AR, is jointly developed by CUTE Center, NUS and Real Space pvt. LTD to provide an added interactive experience for children. We believe that this will enhance their experience outside the television box, where they can immerse themselves in the exciting AR technology by seeing their favorite WITZ characters come to life.



  • Giving out 1,000 markers to pre-school teachers who will in turn hand it out to students during their classes
  • OKTO will be producing trailers that will run on OKTO to promote the WITZ Augmented Reality (will update on airtime and dates)
  • Mom & Baby Event: held the demo on OKTO booth, where children experienced the demo from 18th – 20th March, Expo, from 11am – 8pm (below are some photos from the event)
  • Broadcast on the WITZ Alive AR through which has around 50,000 subscribers. This will showcase Augmented Reality as the key information for them to try out with their children.


FoodGenie – At the Global Service Jam’11


You’ve been there, staring inside your fridge loaded with ingredients but just don’t quite know how to put things together to make a nice decent meal. Or have you come across an awesome recipe that you really wanted to try out but just missed that one important ingredient required for that recipe?

Now, you don’t have to worry about these problems anymore! FoodGenie comes to your rescue!!
FoodGenie is a cool iPhone app that gives everyone a chance to become a super chef and helps your neighbours in cooking. It helps ordinary people (like you) make extraordinary dishes with what you have in the fridge. When there is a really important ingredient missing, it helps you find that missing ingredient by encouraging sharing of ingredients between neighbours. Guess what? You may get to know some really cool neighbours in your building! So what are you waiting for? Check out FoodGenie now!!!

*FoodGenie was created in 48 hours by a team of four enthusiastic jammers – Shawn Foo, Dhairya Dand, Zhu Kenning and Emma Zhang.

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Adrian David Cheok – Talk at Khazanah Megatrends Forum 2010

Reclaiming the Commons: Collaborating and Competing in The New Economic Order

Dr Adrian D. Cheok – Director, Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore


SPECIAL ADDRESS: Synthetic Reality: The Science and Applications of Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality Adrian David Cheok is Director of the Mixed Reality Lab and Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore. He was appointed to be a Full Professor of Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University, from April 2008.

He received several outstanding awards: A-STAR Young Scientist of the Year Award 2003, the SCS Singapore Young Professional of the Year Award 2004, Fellow in Education, World Technology Network in 2004, and Microsoft Research Award for Gaming and Graphics in 2005. He was also awarded the Young Global Leader 2008 by World Economic Forum.

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