FoodGenie – At the Global Service Jam’11


You’ve been there, staring inside your fridge loaded with ingredients but just don’t quite know how to put things together to make a nice decent meal. Or have you come across an awesome recipe that you really wanted to try out but just missed that one important ingredient required for that recipe?

Now, you don’t have to worry about these problems anymore! FoodGenie comes to your rescue!!
FoodGenie is a cool iPhone app that gives everyone a chance to become a super chef and helps your neighbours in cooking. It helps ordinary people (like you) make extraordinary dishes with what you have in the fridge. When there is a really important ingredient missing, it helps you find that missing ingredient by encouraging sharing of ingredients between neighbours. Guess what? You may get to know some really cool neighbours in your building! So what are you waiting for? Check out FoodGenie now!!!

*FoodGenie was created in 48 hours by a team of four enthusiastic jammers – Shawn Foo, Dhairya Dand, Zhu Kenning and Emma Zhang.

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