The future of extreme thrills – Guardian


Nicola Davis, Monday 9 March 2015

Why are humans attracted to intense, thrilling experiences that expose us to danger?

Nicola Davis is joined by Professor Adrian David Cheok of City University London. He’s the founder of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore. Also in the studio isProfessor Brendan Walker, the artist-engineer behind Neurosis, a mixed-reality thrill ride which will be shown at FutureFest, a weekend of immersive experiences, performances and speakers designed to excite and challenge perceptions of the future. Joining them is the journalist Kit Buchan, who recently tried out Brendan’s Neurosis ride.

Can virtual experiences provoke the same responses as real ones? Where is science and technology taking us next in our search for strange and extreme thrills? And should we be wary of the physical and psychological consequences of virtual reality?