WORLD FIRST: ‘Real intimate’ smartphone snogging to ‘revolutionise cybersex’

HUMANS will be able to engage in passionate kissing through their mobile phones that will change the face of relationships as we know it, Daily Star Online can reveal.

By Lily Waddell


THE FUTURE: These smartphone attachments simulate the experience of kissing
Lovers will feel the “full force” of their partner’s kiss from across the globe using the intimate machine – dubbed Kissenger – which hooks up through the internet.

And top researcher of the world’s first prototype snogging device Emma Yann Zhang, of City University London, told Daily Star Online it could hit the shelves in two years.

Daring volunteers described the exchange as “realistic” and “intimate”.


REALISTIC: The device is bringing the reality of life-like sex robots closer everyday

“Kissing is the most direct and universal expression” – Emma Yann Zhang, City University London

Ms Zhang said: “Kissing is the most direct and universal expression.

“Kissing is particularly important for women.

“It’s the first indicator of what a man is capable of sexually.”


KINKY: The products could turn out to be a hit on the cybersex market

The steamy snogging sessions has a lot of health benefits because it is a “stress reliever”, she claimed.

It will also improve intimacy with a partner, the Malaysian-based expert added at the Love and Sex with robots conference at London’s Goldsmiths.


Naturally the kinky product has great scope for the online dating market, the kissing fanatic claimed.

It would eliminate any disappointment if the new flame turned out to be a bad kisser.

The next stage will be to input a “perfume tank” which will allow couples to smell your other half as they kiss into the plug-in device, she said