Humans marrying sex robots to be legal by 2050: Experts


By The Asian Age – December 25, 2016

They say chances of marriages working out are higher with robots (Photo: YouTube)
They say chances of marriages working out are higher with robots (Photo: YouTube)


Sex robots seem to have captured the imagination of people looking for a better time in bed across the world as celebrity look-alikes of robots may hit the markets and robots with functioning human genitalia and the ability to crack jokes are already making news.

While critics have already warned that robots will take over as partners in bed from human beings in the near future and enthusiasts say that robots may lead to clean prostitution, experts are now predicting that sex with robots will also be legalised in the next three decades.

Although the idea may seem unthinkable, the argument cited is that the concept of homosexual marriage was outrageous around the world 35 years back and now they have been legalised, and even black people weren’t allowed to marry each other in some American states till the 70s.

The expert Adrian Cheok says that though the marriages will be legal in around 2050, people will start living with robots much before that. He added that while many marriages between human beings can be unhappy, marriages with robots will have higher chances of success.

The only challenge according to Cheok is to develop a software that allows robots to understand human conversations and emotions effectively enough to be a good partner.