Adrian Cheok awarded Distinguished Alumni award by University of Adelaide


Professor Adrian David Cheok was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Awards by University of Adelaide in recognition of his achievements and contribution in the field of Computing, Engineering and Multisensory communication. The Distinguished Alumni Awards recognise the outstanding contribution and significant impact made by alumni of the University.

Professor Adrian Cheok obtained a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic) in 1994 and a PhD in Engineering in 1999. Professor Cheok is a pioneer in mixed reality and multisensory communication; his innovation and leadership has been recognised internationally through multiple awards.

Some of his pioneering works in mixed reality include innovative and interactive games such as ‘3dlive’, ‘Human Pacman’ and ‘Huggy Pajama’. Professor Cheok is also the inventor of the world’s first electric and thermal taste machine, which produces virtual tastes with electric current and thermal energy.

Past winners include Julia Gillard. A full list of past winners can be found here.

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