Speaker at Dialogos de Cocina 2015


Adrian Cheok was a speaker at Diálogos de Cocina 2015 in San Sebestian, Spain. His talk, “Machines that produce emotions”, discusses experiences with new technologies in gastronomy and design of new interfaces.


The talk was followed by a dialogue with Adrian, INHEDIT, Mario Sandoval and Paco Morales on the uses of technology in dining experiences.

What is Diálogos de Cocina?

Kitchen Dialogues is a project that arose in 2007, in order to create a biennial International congress which aims to build new bridges of multidisciplinary knowledge. It is an observatory which gathers the most prestigious experts in the world who, in a relaxed and informal environment, generate a space for reflection where creative synergies are built.

Since it began, the international organisation of chefs, Euro Toques, made up of more than 3,500 chefs from 18 countries, has collaborated in the organisation of the event. Likewise, in 2010, the recently created BCulinary Center, Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and Research and Innovation Centre for Food and Gastronomy, will join the project.


Diálogos de Cocina 2015 

In march 2015 the fifth edition of “Diálogos” wil take place in San Sebastian. This time, the main topic will be Vanguards, foreseeing the future 2013 edition “Craftsmanship in Perspecive”.