Rodney Berry (Research Fellow)

  • BERRY, R A, M Oikawa, Janaka Prasad Wisejena, J Unterberg, W Liu, A D Cheok and H Kato, “Augmented Reality Authoring for Artists and Designers”. Emerging Technologies Demonstration ACM SIGGRAPH Asia , Singapore Suntec Convention Centre 2008.
  • BERRY, R A, J P W I, J Unterberg, A Palin Sainte Agathe, W LIU and A D CHEOK, “Augmented Reality for Non-Programmers”.  ACM SIGGRAPH 2008 (2008). Informal Forum Talks  Los Angeles: ACM SIGGRAPH.  (ACM SIGGRAPH 2008, 11 – 15 Aug 2008, Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, United States)
  • BERRY, R A, “Can I have my cake and eat it too? – problems of physical representations in tangible interfaces”.  Fourth International Conference on Multimodality (4-ICOM) (2008). Singapore: Multimodal Analysis Lab, Interactive Digital Media Institute (IDMI) and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), National U.  (Fourth International Conference on Multimodality (4-ICOM), 30 Jul –  1 Aug 2008, singapore Management University, Singapore)  (submitted and published in astract only). Re-submitted as book chapter
  • BERRY, R A, “Hyper-Augmented Reality: Looking at AR through some old postmodern goggles”.  ISEA 2008: International Symposium on Electronic Art 2008 (2008): 1-3.  Singapore: Inter-Society of the Electronic Arts.  (International Symposium on Electronic Art  2008, 25 Jul – 3 Aug 2008, Singapore Management University, Singapore)
  • BERRY, R A, “Using a 3d Modelling Program as a Musical Controller”.  International Computer Music Conference, ed. Suvisoft Oy Ltd., comp. Stefania Serafin (2007): 308-311.  San Francisco: The International Computer Music Association i.  (International Computer  Music Conference, 24 – 29 Aug 2007, Architecture School, Holmen Island, Copenhagen,  Denmark)
  • BERRY, R A and L.P. Demers, “The Earth from Space as a Musical Score”.  Asian Space Conference 2007, ed. Dr. Timo Rolf Bretschneider, comp. Dr. Timo Rolf Bretschneider (2007).  Singapore: Asian Space Conference.  (Asian Space Conference (ASC 2007), 21 – 23Mar 2007, NTU Alumni Club, Singapore)

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