Gadget Man Plans to Feature Kisscea and RingU: Postponed Filming

A popular British TV Show, Gadget Man, hosted by Richard Ayoade which featured Mixed Reality Lab’s Digital Taste Machine, has agreed to work with our lab again and now they want to feature our Kisscea and RingU for their future Valentine’s Day Edition. This filming is really important to our team since it will be our first opportunity for introducing our kisscea, a remote kissing device, to the public so we worked really hard on preparing for the demo. The filming was scheduled on December 12th, 2014 at The Makerversity, located in Somerset House, London. Unfortunately, due to the time limit and some technical difficulties, They needed to postpone the filming for our devices until after the new year. Regardless of the postpone, we had a really great experience on the scheduled filming day. We got to know how a TV show is filmed, and also had a chance to see some interesting innovations happening at the Makerversity, as well as knowing some other cool featured devices for the show, like the chocolate 3d printer . We will keep you updated with our next filming with Gadget Man. In the mean time, please take a look at our demo videos for Kisscea, which we have prepared for the Gadget Man.