AmbiKraf Byobu: Merging Technology with Traditional Craft

AmbiKraf Byobu: Merging Technology with Traditional Craft:

In this paper, we present a synergy of technology and traditional craft made possible with AmbiKraf Byobu. AmbiKraf is a non-emissive, color-changing fabric technology that allows subtle animations on fabrics. Byobu is a traditional Japanese room-divider screen, usually painted by artisans and crafts people. We first discuss the organic qualities of AmbiKraf technology that particularly lend itself to traditional art and craft practice. These qualities include the animation of ambient, non-intrusive and calming motifs using non-emissive display characteristics. We then discuss in detail how AmbiKraf technology is implemented and paired with the art form of Byobu. Interaction with the system is also briefly touched upon, as well as discussion regarding the cultural implications and mutual benefit of combining technology with traditional craft. Through the use of AmbiKraf technology embodied by the Byobu, we hope to provide a convincing example that sensitively combines traditional textile crafts with new technology in order to help redefine the meaning and role of traditional textiles.

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