ACE Creative Showcase Golden Award

Liquid Interfaces won the Creative Showcase Golden Award at ACE2010 in
Taiwan.  The competition was part of the Advances in Computer
Entertainment conference which brings together researchers and
practitioners from industry and academia to present and discuss their
work in breakthrough areas in computer entertainment.
From more than 15 projects Liquid Interfaces was chosen as the first price by the
attendees public poll.  The second position was shared by two projects
“VirtualPhilharmony: a conducting system focused on a sensation of
conducting a real orchestra” and “A Software System for Creating and
Developing Mobile Augmented Reality Applications”

 The members of the Liquid Interfaces team are:

 Jeffrey Tzu Kwan Valino Koh,
Kasun Karunanayaka,
Jose R. Sepulveda,
Mili John Tharakan,
Jeremy Heng,
Liu Yi Jiang,
Eishem Bilal Naik,
Adrian David Cheok