Huggy Pajama filming for new NHK program, Gatchan

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NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation, recently conducted a filming of the Huggy Pajama project for a new program called Gatchan. This TV program is an educational program to introduce some of the famous universities in the world, and especially research works conducted by unique research labs in these universities.

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After some research, NHK found that the works in Mixed Reality Lab are very interesting and suitable for the TV program. Ms Hiroko Kikuchi, the Singapore media coordinator for NHK contacted Professor Adrian Cheok, director of Mixed Reality Lab, and voiced the interest on highlighting the works done in the lab, drawing particular attention to Huggy Pajama. Initially, NHK representatives visited Keio University, where the NUS-KEIO CUTE Center’s lab is located. We showed a demonstration of the earlier prototype of Huggy Pajama and other lab works like Petimo and Kiss Robot.

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The Young Investigator’s Forum on Culture Technology


The Young Investigator’s Forum on Culture Technology (YoungCT) is an annual event bringing together leading young scholars, industry executives and great mentors of our time. ‘Culture Technology’ covers a wide range of research areas on digital media and related technologies, which are gaining ever-increasing significance in every corner of our surroundings and culture. As a unique workshop that invites advanced graduate students (or those with equivalent credentials) around the world, the forum aims to facilitate discussion on Culture Technology among young researchers. Furthermore, YoungCT will provide you an opportunity to visit Korea and to celebrate diverse cultures. This time the theme for the event was “Engaging Culture and Technology”. The mixed reality lab PhD scholars Nimesha Ranasinghe and Eng tat Khoo presented their research works “Poetry Mash-up” and “Confucius Computer” respectively in young CT 2009.

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Nimesha ‘s Report : Report NimeshaRanasing.pdf

Eng Tat ‘s Report: YCT09 report.pdf

AmbiKraf at Digital Content Expo 2009 and Interactive Tokyo Symposium



AmbiKraf was demonstrated at the recent Digital Content Expo 2009 in Tokyo Japan. The event was held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). The exhibition was held as a part of the Content Technology Exhibits (ConTEX) 2009 through 22nd to 25th October 2009. The project received great comments and complements from the public. The attendees were fascinated by the animated form of the fabric and the technology utilized. Many industrial players including Samsung Mobile were interested in the technology for use in their future products.

In addition, AmbiKraf was presented at the Interactive Tokyo Symposium in the “Real World” session. The panel discussion following the presentation discussed about the future applications and research directions of such technologies.