ACE 2016 Awards

Gold Paper Award

Michael Lankes, Bernhard Maurer and Barbara Stiglbauer
An Eye for an Eye: Gaze Input in Competitive Online Games and its Effects on Social Presence

Silver Paper Award

Gijs Huisman, Merijn Bruijnes and Dirk Heylen
A Moving Feast: Effects of Color, Shape and Animation on Taste Associations and Taste Perceptions

Bronze Paper Award

Jianyu Fan, William Li, Jim Bizzocchi, Justine Bizzocchi and Philippe Pasquier
DJ-MVP : An Automatic Music Video Producer

Best Poster Award

Marta Lopes, Joao Magalhaes and Sofia Cavaco
A voice-controlled serious game for the sustained vowel exercise

Best Showcase Award

Naoya Koizumi and Takeshi Naemura
Passive Midair Display


Congraturation to all award winners!

Paper awards were selected based on discussion with steering committee members and SPC members. Poster award and showcase award were selected based on the vote by ACE 2016 participants.