Topics Introduction

The rise of artificial intelligence, robotic and other new technologies are already causing disruptions in all areas of human being. This conference will explore the state of the art research, highlighting the future challenges as well as the hidden potential behind the technologies. There are answers to today’s questions and answers in parallel to questions we dare not think about today. In addition, it translates today’s knowledge and shows a guideline for action, which can already be implemented in practice today. For example, it will show what changes technological developments in the areas of education, marketing, communications, finance, health, food or politics will lead to and how the technologies can be integrated into the respective sectors. It also identifies future trends that companies can use to develop new products or businesses. Finally, this book sheds light on the ethic issues associated with the rapid development of these technologies.


The conference will have papers and contributions from the top scientists in their respective fields. All papers will be published in an special issue of the Journal of Future Robot Life, which makes this conference extremely unique as your conference contribution will also be a article. The conference will show the actual and the possibilities of the future and gives answers to questions that we have now and that will be asked in the future. At the same time it shows how the new technologies can be integrated into the respective areas.

Target Audience

For academics, practitioners, business people, scientists and political organisations. 

Recommended Topics

  1. Data theory 
  2. Power, microelectronics and electromagnetism 
  3. Digital circuits and computing 
  4. Image processing, image and character recognition 
  5. Camera analyzes and manipulates 
  6. Autonomous vehicles networks
  7. Playing games
  8. Photo identification and linguistic detection
  9. Real-time algorithms for calculating, predicting and monitoring
  10. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Databases,
  11. Internet Security and Privacy
  12. Chemical and biological dynamic process control
  13. Optimum development of material production processes
  14. Nuclear and molecular scale manipulation of matter
  15. Experience
  16. Multisensory Experience in digital Media
  17. Automation
  18. Artificial Intelligence
  19. Machine Learning
  20. Neural Networks
  21. Cognitive Computing
  22. Robotics
  23. eHelath/mHealth
  24. Robotic devices and systems
  25. Autonomous air, sea, underwater and ground vehicles
  26. Space exploration and development Intelligent control systems
  27. Biomimetic modeling, dynamics and control
  28. Cooperating robots for production and assembly
  29. Mutual management of natural and engineered groups Identification of dynamic system models
  30. Optimal state estimation and control
  31. Leading-edge Synergistic Robots
  32. Inference, inference, problem solving human factors and human-machine communication
  33. Human motor control perception
  34. Simulation perception
  35. Neural network (connectionist) simulation of mental functions
  36. Analysis of brain function using functional magnetic response scanning, electrical and optical methods
  37. Applications in Education
  38. Applications in Finance
  39. Applications in Welfare
  40. Applications in Health
  41. Applications in Agriculture
  42. Applications in Food
  43. Applications in Security
  44. Applications in Politics
  45. Technological developments and ethics
  46. Other topics of relevance


All papers will be published in the prestigious Journal of Future Robot Life by IOS Press, wich publishes books and journals (online and in print) in a broad range of scientific, technical and medical (STM) subject areas. For additional information regarding the publisher, please visit