Return of the Jedi

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Although the Death Star has been destroyed, Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.

A small band of rebels struggle to restore freedom to the galaxy…

The Jedi Knights are returning, watch out for something new coming in Spring 2012…



Poetry Mix-Up installed at the Kent Ridge MRT Station

Under the Art in Transit program at Kent Ridge MRT Station (newly opened station on the circle line in Singapore), a new media art piece entitled Poetry Mix-Up is commissioned. The Poetry Mix-up system is developed by Mixed Reality Lab of National University of Singapore. The system allows local travelers to send an SMS to generate a poem based on the submission. The final output generated is shown in a digital display on the lift shaft at the platform level as shown in the images.

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Third International AR Standards Meeting June 15-16, 2011

The meeting was recently concluded in Taichung, Taiwan. The objectives of this meeting were:

To establish or increase mutual awareness among Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) relevant to AR through a carefully managed “discovery” process that is mindful of the IPR policies of the respective SDOs, to establish or increase dialog among leadership of industry associations whose members are specifically interested in Augmented Reality initiatives and SDOs, to explore how SDOs and industry associations will define “contact zones” of mutual interest, to permit participants of the meeting to share their views and objectives, as well as progress/status of their activities, and to introduce new and important topics likely to impact the future of AR such as Spatial Law and Policy.

Program Committee members for this meeting were:

Neil Trevett, NVIDIA
Martin Lechner, Wikitude
Carl Reed, OGC
Douglas Knisely, Qualcomm
Gerard Kim, University of Korea
Adrian David Cheok, National University of Singapore CUTE Center
Ed Parsons, Google
Lars Erik Bolstad, Opera

A summary of the meeting can be found at:[Perey]Summary_of_3rd_AR_Standards_Meeting.pdf