Main conference venue is Chuo Denki Club, including Main Hall, workshop venues, poster session room, and ACE 2016 registration desk.

We arrange 25-minute presentation for long paper, and 20-minute for short paper, including Q&A.

Oral Presentations

Paper Session 1: Entertainment with a Purpose
Nov. 10, 14:10-16:10 at Main Hall (Chair; TBA)

Marije ten Brink and Frank Nack
The influence of liking and disliking on creative expression in digital photos

Marta Ferraz, Antonio Camara and Afonso O’Neill
Increasing Children’s Physical Activity Levels Through Biosymtic Robotic Devices

Matthias Budde, Rikard Oexler, Michael Beigl and Jussi Holopainen
Sensified Gaming ? Design Patterns and Game Design Elements for Gameful Environmental Sensing

Hao Yin, Keiko Yamamoto, Itaru Kuramoto and Yoshihiro Tsujino
Light Quest: A Gamified Knowledge-sharing System to Increase Motivation to Provide Long-tail Knowledge


Paper Session 2: Alternative and Hybrid Reality
Nov. 10, 16:20-17:45 at Main Hall (Chair; TBA)

Joshua Kohn and Stefan Rank
You’re the Camera! Physical Movements For Transitioning Between Environments in VR

Kazuma Aoyama, Makoto Mizukami, Taro Maeda and Hideyuki Ando
Modeling the Enhancement Effect of Countercurrent on Acceleration Perception in Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation

Stefan Liszio and Maic Masuch
Lost in Open Worlds: Design Patterns for Player Navigation in Virtual Reality Games

Ville Kankainen
The Interplay of Two Worlds in Blood Bowl: Implications for the Hybrid Board Game Design


Paper Session 3: Culture, Creativity and Collaboration
Nov.11, 9:00-10:20 at Main Hall (Chair; TBA)

Heidi Pi Jensen, Marius Pallisgaard Olsen and Mikael B. Skov
PinchPan: Investigating Childrens Collaboration in Cross-Device Interaction

Omar Mubin, Mohammad Obaid, Philipp Jordan, Patricia Alves-Oliveria, Thommy Eriksson, Wolmet Barendregt, Daniel Sjolie, Morten Fjeld, Simeon Simoff and Mark Billinghurst
Towards an Agenda for Sci-Fi Inspired HCI Research

Veerle Scholtes, Mirte Van Hout and Louise Van Koppen
Can People Develop a Sense of Belonging Through Playing League of Legends?

Hiroki Nishino, Norhidayati Podari, Stefania Sini, Chamari Edirisinghe and Adrian Cheok
Alice and Her Friend: A Black ‘Picture Book’ of Multisensory Interaction for Visually-Impaired Children


Paper Session 4: Music, Video and Taste
Nov 11, 15:00-16:30 at Main Hall (Chair; TBA)

Gijs Huisman, Merijn Bruijnes and Dirk Heylen
A Moving Feast: Effects of Color, Shape and Animation on Taste Associations and Taste Perceptions

Jianyu Fan, William Li, Jim Bizzocchi, Justine Bizzocchi and Philippe Pasquier
DJ-MVP : An Automatic Music Video Producer

Wooi-Boon Goh, Lijia Yang and Kian Leong Ong
MuSeeCol: A See-through Multi-touch Surface for Face-to-face Musical Collaboration

Kohei Matsumura and Yoshinari Takegawa
Reporting Solo: A Design of Supporting System for Solo Live Reporting


Paper Session 5: Emotions and Social Phenomena
Nov. 11, 16:40-18:10 at Main Hall (Chair; TBA)

Michael Lankes, Bernhard Maurer and Barbara Stiglbauer
An Eye for an Eye: Gaze Input in Competitive Online Games and its Effects on Social Presence

Tatiana Alencar, Kamila Rodrigues, Marcelo Barbosa, Renata Bianchi and Vania Neris
Emotional Response Evaluation of users in Ubiquitous Environments: an Observational Case Study

Carla Nave, Teresa Romao and Nuno Correia
Exploring Emotions through Painting, Photography and Expressive Writing: an Early Experimental User Study

Katharina Emmerich and Maic Masuch
Game Metrics for Evaluating Social In-game Behavior and Interaction in Multiplayer Games


Paper Session 6: Game Design and Development
Nov. 12, 9:00-10:10 at Main Hall (Chair; TBA)

Rui Craveirinha and Licinio Roque
Exploring the Design-Space: The Authorial Game Evolution Tool Case-Study

Meng Zhu, Alf Inge Wang and Hallvard Tratteberg
Engine- Cooperative Game Modeling (ECGM): Bridge Model-Driven Game Development and Game Engine Tool-chains

Emmanuel Guardiola
The Gameplay Loop: a Player Activity Model for Game Design and Analysis


We arrange 1-minute teaser presentation for poster and Creative Showcases presenters.

Poster Presentations

Poster Session 1: Nov.10 13:10-14:40 at #511
Teaser: Nov.10 11:40-12:00 at Main Hall (Chair; TBA)

Paul Haimes, Tetsuaki Baba and Kumiko Kushiyama
Taifurin: Wind-Chime Installation As A Novel Typhoon Early Warning System

Emma Yann Zhang, Adrian David Cheok, Shogo Nishiguchi and Yukihiro Morisawa
Kissenger : Development of a Remote Kissing Device for Affective Communication

Jonne Arjoranta, Ville Kankainen and Timo Nummenmaa
Blending in Hybrid games: Understanding Hybrid Games through Experience

Makoto Ishihara, Taichi Miyazaki, Chun-Yin Chu, Tomohiro Harada and Ruck Thawonmas
Applying and Improving Monte-Carlo Tree Search in a Fighting Game AI

Marc Ericson Santos, Damien Constantine Rompapas, Yoshinari Nishiki, Takafumi Taketomi, Goshiro Yamamoto, Christian Sandor and Hirokazu Kato
The COMPASS Framework for Digital Entertainment: Discussing Augmented Reality Activities for Scouts

Guilherme Fiao, Teresa Romao, Nuno Correia, Pedro Centieiro and A. Eduardo Dias
Automatic Generation of Sport Video Highlights Based on Fan’s Emotions and Content

Hussein Karam
Learning Islamic Principles with Serious Games


Poster Session 2: Nov.11 13:30-15:00 at #511
Teaser: Nov.11 12:00-12:20 at Main Hall (Chair; TBA)

Muneeb Ahmad, Omar Mubin and Joanne Orlando
Effect of Different Adaptations by a Robot on Children’s Long-term Engagement: An Exploratory Study

Marta Lopes, Joao Magalhaes and Sofia Cavaco
A voice-controlled serious game for the sustained vowel exercise

Nur Ellyza Abd Rahman, Azhri Azhar, Kasun Karunanayaka, Adrian David Cheok, Jade Gross and Andoni Luis Aduriz
Magnetic Dining Table and Magnetic Foods

Wolfgang Hurst, Ferdinand de Coninck and Xhi Jia Tan
Complementing Artworks to Create Immersive VR Museum Experiences

Mohd Hezri Amir, Albert Quek, Nur Rasyid Sulaiman and John See
DUKE: Enhancing Virtual Reality based FPS Game with Full-body Interactions

Takanori Komatsu, Itaru Kuramoto and Daiki Sawai
Can Different “Eye” Designs for Anthropomorphic Manga Characters Inform Users of Different Functions of Anthropomorphized Systems?

Hayato Dogai, Maho Oki and Koji Tsukada
SomaticBall: Ball-Type Device Providing “Sticking Feeling”


Creative Showcases Presentations

Nov. 12, 13:00-17:00 at EventLab., Grand Front Osaka
Teaser: Nov.12 12:00-12:25 at Main Hall (Chair; TBA)

Keisuke Kawahara, Mose Sakashita, Amy Koike, Ippei Suzuki, Kenta Suzuki and Yoichi Ochiai
Transformed human presence for puppetry

Naoya Koizumi and Takeshi Naemura
Passive Midair Display

Jeff K.T. Tang, Ka Leung Ng, Yiu Yeung Leung, Hon Kit Hui, Anthony Kong and Wai-Man Pang
VR-MMA: A Virtual Reality Motion and Muscle Sensing Action Game for Personal Sport

Yuki Kubo, Hirobumi Tomita, Shuta Nakamae, Takayuki Hoshi and Yoichi Ochiai
Bubble Cloud: Projection of an Image onto a Bubble Cluster

Yuzu Saijo, Kenta Suzuki, Nobutaka Ito, Amy Koike and Yoichi Ochiai
Human Coded Orchestra: a System for Extemporary Group Singing Performance

Natsumi Sasaki, Kouki Hirata, Kodai Morino and Mitsuru Minakuchi
AR Dice Tower: Integrating Physical Randomness with Digital Effects

Wataru Ogasa, Yuji Sasaki, Masanori Fukui and Haruhiro Katayose
Find Kirigami!: an Augmented Papercutting Play Activity Realized with Tablet Terminals

Wolfgang Huerst, Xhi Jia Tan and Ferdinand de Coninck
Using Digital Extensions to Create New VR Museum Experiences

Tomoyuki Sumida and Shigeyuki Hirai
BathDrum2 : Percussion Instruments on a Bathtub Edge with Low Latency Tap Tone Identification

Ilya Farber, Karl Fua, Swati Gupta and David Pautler
MoCHA: Designing Games to Monitor Cognitive Health in Elders at Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Marina Wada, Yoshifumi Mizuno, Akito Nakano and Hisakazu Hada
The Light Painting by a Fluorescence String Figure

Teak Wei Chong and Chee Onn Wong
The Invisible: Bacteria Everywhere

Hajime Katsumoto, Hajime Kajita, Naoya Koizumi and Takeshi Naemura
HoVerTable PONG: Playing a Face-to-face Game on a Horizontal Tabletop with a Moving Vertical Mid-air Image