Call for Workshops


Workshops provide a forum for a small group of participants to gather around a shared topic and engage in discussion, creation and/or learning activities. Workshops offer an excellent opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share ideas, gain feedback, foster collaborations, co-create and conduct tutorials.


Workshops can be half a day or a full day in length. Workshops typically accommodate 15-20 participants each and are open to anyone who has registered for the conference (some workshops may require the submission of a position paper or the payment of a small additional fee for the use of materials).


A description of each accepted workshop will be published in the conference proceedings. Workshop organizers are encouraged to follow up the workshop activities via the publication of expanded versions of workshop papers in a special edition of a journal, a co-edited book, or any other means that would best serve the objectives of the workshop.


Submission Requirements:

  1. A paper with a maximum of 4 pages in SIGCHI Paper format.
  2. The paper should include the following:
    1. Title with the name of the proposed workshop
    2. Abstract, summarizing the workshop in 200 words
    3. Whether the workshop will be a full day workshop or a half day workshop
    4. Background and motivation for the workshop
    5. Names and contact information of organizers, including short CVs
  3. Maximum size of submission should not exceed 50MB


Workshops will be subjected to a single blind peer review by a panel of domain experts, that is, workshop proposals should not be anonymized.

Important Dates:

Submission deadline: 10 June 2016

Notification: 15 July 2016

Submissions will be included in the ACM digital library.