Call for Creative Showcases & Performances


The creative showcase session offers a stage for the brightest ideas, latest innovations, and most inspiring works of art in the digital interactive technology domain. Creative showcase submissions should seek to reflect upon our interaction with and through the world of digital data and digitally mediated experience. This interaction refers to all members of the animal and plant kingdom, not just human beings. The work should provide a lens through which the future of digital entertainment can be gazed upon and contemplated.


The creative showcase is open to a large variety of submissions including, but not limited to, technical demonstrations of prototype technologies of advanced entertainment technology; video and computer games; interactive art, new media art, technology based art; web and mobile-based computer entertainment; audio, visual and other sensory forms of digital interaction.


The creative showcases focuses on novel, experiential exhibition of work best understood through visitor interaction. Work submitted to papers or posters and accompanied by a video may be considered for the creative showcase.


Performances are a special format of creative showcases which will be presented during a live performance on a stage. The same submission process as for creative showcases applies.


Submission and Presentation

The work submitted should be described in a paper with a maxiumum of 6 pages in SIGCHI Extended Abstract Format. The paper should describe the underlying ideas and motivations for the work in sufficient detail to allow the reviewers to critically assess the potential contribution of the work. Authors are encouraged to take advantage of the pictorial nature of the Extended Abstract format in describing and illustrating their work. The video provided must accurately represent the work, providing an overview of the creative showcase experience, the technologies involved and the kind of advances such work makes in the space of computer entertainment and allied practices.


Accepted submissions will be exhibited during a special creative showcase session. Creative showcase participants are required to assemble and disassemble their creative work for the showcase event.


Submission Requirements:

  1. Paper in SIGCHI Extended Abstract Format. Papers should contain at least one representative image or illustration of the creative work.
  2. Video describing the work (5 minutes maximum). Videos should be provided in MP4 or MOV format
  3. Maximum size of submission should not exceed 50MB (paper + video)


Creative Showcase will be subjected to a double blind peer review by a panel of domain experts. Authors are expected to anonymise their papers by removing all author and institutional identity from the title and header of the paper as well as any information embedded within the submission file.  However all references must remain intact, i.e. submitted papers should not have blank references (e.g., "8. REMOVED FOR REVIEWING").  In cases where you build on (and cite) your own work we suggest you refer to yourself in the third person, for example “This study builds on prior work by <author names> [8].” 

Important Dates:

Submission deadline:  June 27, 2016

Notification: 8 August 2016

Submissions will be included in the ACM digital library.