Invited Talk: ACE in Practice: Soft, Hard and In Between





What is it like to be a practicing artist who tries to make art and a living in "creative technology"?  Alexander will explore his work and the changing business landscape.  He will focus particularly on the soft (fabric, design, clothing) and hard (circuit design, 3d printing, architecture) and how the combination of these seemingly disparate areas can lead to new discoveries.  Finally he will make a case for an inclusive approach to Computer Entertainment.

This session will be held on November 12th.




Alexander Reeder, art and program Inc

Born in the US, Alexander has lived in Tokyo since 1998.  He holds a bachelor's degree with dual majors in Computer Science and Japanese Studies (2000), and a Master's degree from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program (2009). Alexander cut his teeth as a programmer while working on the Linux kernel and other open source software at VA Linux Japan (2001 - 2007).  Since 2009 he has been active as a multidisciplinary artist focusing on creative applications of technology.  First at Qosmo Inc (2009 - 2014), then in 2014 Alexander founded art and program Inc to focus on his own vision. To name a few, Alexander has undertaken interactive lighting projects for hotels (Hotel Kanra, 2010), a dress with fabric Butterflies which flap in tandem with its wearer's heartbeat (Butterfly Dress, 2008), interactive whiskey glasses (Hibiki Glass, 2015), and multi-angle live video streaming platforms (2014 FIFA World Cup) to name a few.  His work is viewable at installations across Japan.