ACE 2016 Three Principles of Openness



Open to everyone: reaching out to broader audiences

The final beneficiaries of entertainment computing technologies are ordinary people. Therefore, it is crucial for our research to be evaluated by actual end-users . One of the best ways to accomplish this is to demonstrate your work and provide hands-on experience. As such ACE2016 will open its Creative Showcase exhibition to the general public on November, 12th at the Grandfront Osaka EventLab located in front of the Osaka/Umeda station in the heart of Osaka city. This will be an exciting opportunity to expose your research to a large and diverse audience and to obtain unique and valuable feedback. Japanese student volunteers (with English skills) will be present during the exhibition to facilitate communication and to translate between English and Japanese.

Open to challenges: pushing the frontiers of computer entertainment technology

Entertainment Computing is still a young research area, with plenty of open problems. ACE2016 will be the best place to share our ongoing results of EC-related research. Given the diversity of research activities in this area, ACE2016 offers prospective authors different presentation formats, including paper sessions, poster presentations, interactive demonstrations, and performance sessions. Novel research is welcome even if it has not been thoroughly evaluated thus far.

The ACE2016 Program Committee might also invite authors of accepted papers and demonstrations  to present their work as a poster during the conference in order to increase exposure and discussion among participants.





Open to exchange: promoting cross-disciplinary dialogue and discussion

Entertainment Computing is an inherently multidisciplinary research area related to art, human-computer interaction, psychology, cognitive engineering, education, music, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and more. Thus, ACE2016 welcomes submissions from a variety of research areas to share insights and inspire cross-disciplinary thinking, discussion, and collaboration. ACE 2016 will mainly be single track, allowing all attendees to attend all presentations and demonstrations. Besides, ACE 2016 will offer various activities and social events, providing ample opportunity for discussion and networking. In addition, we are planning some attractive and inspiring keynotes by top researchers and practitioners in various EC areas.


And more…

ACE2016 Osaka is co-located with Entertainment Computing 2016 (EC2016), the Japanese domestic symposium on entertainment computing!

Entertainment Computing is one of the largest annual symposiums on entertainment computing and  which involve over 50 impressive demonstrations with more than 200 participants. In 2016, the first day of EC2016 will coincide with the last day of ACE2016 and many Japanese researchers will demonstrate their work at the same venue where the ACE2016 Creative Showcase will takes place. ACE2016 participants are welcome to experience EC2016 demonstrations without any additional fees.

The EC2016 website is here.