Call for Participation

We solicit submissions on a broad range of topics, including, but not limited to:


Technologies and Interactions
Theoretical, Social and Cultural Issues
Design and Evaluation
Content Creation Environments Processes and Methods
Application Domains

Technologies and Interactions

  1. Virtual, augmented and mixed reality
  2. Ubiquitous and mobile computing
  3. Tangible, embedded, embodied and robotic interaction
  4. Affective, intuitive and locative media
  5. Smart gadgets and toys
  6. Sensors, actuators and novel input and output technologies
  7. Multimodal and full-body interaction

Theoretical, Social and Cultural Issues

  1. Ethics and values
  2. Aesthetics and poetics
  3. Game, play and media theories
  4. Funology, enjoyment and experience
  5. Cultural, social and psychological studies
  6. Inclusivity and accessibility
  7. Children, adolescents and Seniors

Design and Evaluation

  1. Participatory design
  2. Usability and playability
  3. Player and developer experience
  4. Game and media evaluation techniques
  5. Gamification

Content Creation Environments Processes and Methods

  1. Avatars and character expression
  2. Animation
  3. Game development engines and frameworks
  4. Game production processes
  5. Interaction design for games
  6. Music and sound
  7. Artificial Intelligence for games and media
  8. Hacking and Tinkering

Application Domains

  1. Urban and location based games and media
  2. Interactive art, dance and performances
  3. Sports, fitness and exertion games
  4. Education, learning and serious games
  5. Broadcasting, podcasting and smart media
  6. Soundscapes and musical expression
  7. Interactive and digital storytelling
  8. Museums and cultural heritage
  9. Advertising and marketing
  10. Pets, livestock and other life forms



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