Call for Papers

Papers should describe original, complete and unpublished work that seeks to advance our current knowledge in any of the conference topics. Papers must provide sufficient details and support for their claims and conclusions. They must cite relevant published research, highlight novel aspects of the submission, and identify its most significant contributions. Papers are evaluated on the basis of originality, significance, quality of research, quality of writing, and contribution to conference program diversity.

Submission and Presentation

Papers may range from 2 to 10 pages long (excluding references) in the two-column format. However, paper length must match the size of the contribution. Focus and brevity will be preferred over verbosity and the inclusion of irrelevant information. Papers making one clear, significant contribution are more likely to be accepted than papers making several lesser contributions. Papers with length disproportionate to their contribution will be rejected.

Presentation time during the conference will be allocated according to the weight of contribution. However, no distinction will be made between papers in the program or proceedings.

Authors of accepted papers may also be invited to showcase their work in the creative showcase session.


Papers will be subjected to a double blind peer review by a panel of domain experts.  Authors are expected to anonymise their papers by removing all author and institutional identity from the title and header of the paper as well as any information embedded within the submission file.  However all references must remain intact, i.e. submitted papers should not have blank references (e.g., "8. REMOVED FOR REVIEWING").  In cases where you build on (and cite) your own work we suggest you refer to yourself in the third person, for example “This study builds on prior work by <author names> [8].” Submissions will be included in the ACM digital library.


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Important Dates

  • Submission deadline : Wednesday, June 10, 2015 ( 10:06:15 AM GMT )
  • Notification : August 10, 2015

23:59:59 Samoa Standard Time (Time zone UTC -11) . To calculate the exact time in your time zone you can use: )

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